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Advocado is more than just a loyalty program software for retailers in Malaysia. We focus on helping your business flourish, grow, and thrive by gaining mastery over your customer engagement.


Everyone knows getting new customers is really expensive, so the smart move is to focus on your existing customers. Customer loyalty and retention is the biggest asset that a business has, therefore, nurturing your loyal customers to be your raving advocates has never been more important.


After more than 6 years of serving thousands of merchants and devising customer loyalty strategies for retailers across Malaysia, we took all our learnings and turned in to this Success Formula:


5 Steps to Consumer Engagement Success


Design A Loyalty Program Tailored To Your Business

First, let’s get started.

You’ve decided you want to grow your loyal customers to boost sales. Design customer loyalty programs that are best suited for Malaysia audiences, uniquely tailored to your business. From the best cashback promotions to birthday rewards, deploying loyalty campaigns has never been easier!

  • Get advice from our experts to build loyalty programs best fitted for your business
  • We’re fast! Get your campaigns started within 24 hours
  • Get the first-hand insights on what actually works!

You are the expert on your business – we’re just here to guide you – so setups are now easy-peasy!


Get Visibility

You have a fantastic loyalty program, but do your customers know about it?
Tell your customers with SMS marketing or promote it on your social media! Make sure people know about your loyalty program, then enroll to them to join. You can also send reminders to notify your customers to redeem their loyalty points before they expire!

There is a lot of creative, designing work here and it’s the exact thing a full-fledged Cloud CRM like Advocado loves to work on. You don’t need to be a designer – our creative team will work with you to design the marketing collateral(s) you want!

We’ve studied our champion merchants and came up with the Ultimate Customer Enrolment Checklist, that will maximise the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  • Standees – Placed on counters to boost immediate enrolments
  • Posters – Best used to attract walk-ins
  • Stickers – Available in any size, can be placed anywhere for added visibility
  • Website – A platform that drives audience to your physical store, and an online store to boost sales
  • Social Media – Interact and engage with your customers to build trust and authenticity


Customer Engagement

We Have THE Formula For Success

Now, this is the fun part - enrolling your customers into your loyalty membership program. This is where you talk about your customers about your loyalty program. Knowing what to say and how you say it is extremely important to improve your retention marketing game in Malaysia’s ever competitive industry. Saying the right things can make enrollments quick and easy!

As one of the top loyalty program solutions provider in Malaysia, Advocado has also made the enrolment process simple and easy.

  • Simply register with a phone number and tadaa! Your customer is now a member. All under 15 seconds.
  • We’ve devised 2 sure-win methods to engage your customers.

Stick With Us To Learn


Get Marketing Automation Going

With all the members in your loyalty program, it’s essential to constantly engage them so that your brand is top of mind.
But imagine having loads and loads of members, reaching out to each one of them! Marketing automation will make your life so much easier. Set it up once, and let the automation bot do the talking.

We have our very own “Advocade” automation bot that will do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Use Advocade to send out recovery messages, campaign alerts or birthday offers.
  • Set it up once and you’re good to go!
  • An effortless strategy to bring your customers back again and again.


Track The Success Of Your Loyalty Program

Ever wondered your successful your loyalty programs are? Now, you can measure them in real-time with Advocado! A good CRM app in Singapore allows you to take a deeper look at the data you collected. Learn who your customers, what they are like, study their behaviour, and apply more effective customer loyalty strategies.

  • Advocado places all the critical data on your dashboard so that you can see them all in a glance.
  • With our very own Health Bar, you can see exactly how healthy your loyalty program is. Then, work with our customer success to formulate the best strategies to improve!

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