It’s no secret that COVID made its mark for the worst, affecting businesses of all sizes – especially small to medium enterprises (SMEs). During this pandemic, businesses had to learn how to regain their footing and adapt to new marketing norms in order to survive. With Phase 2 restrictions suddenly back, footfall to physical outlets have decreased greatly. However, this scenario is not all negative; SMEs now have the chance to digitise even more by directing their footfall and sales to online outlets instead. The future of marketing is here to stay. With years in the making along with months of brainstorming and developing, we have created a sales and recommendation artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise upselling and cross-selling for you. Our solution will help generate more profit from your current customers while increasing customer loyalty during this critical time. Merchants are now able to effectively use their invaluable customer data to its fullest potential with an AI-Powered CRM.

Upselling is a way to get customers to buy expensive items through an upgrade or add-ons to an original product or service – increasing revenue where it may not have been generated otherwise. Usually, it involves spending more time marketing more profitable products or services. However, it can simply be done by exposing customers to other options that may not have been considered in the first place. For example: if a customer is considering buying shoes, the store attendant will recommend buying a similar but more expensive pair instead that is made with better quality material.

On the other hand, cross-selling is another way to get existing customers to consider buying an additional product or service along with the original product bought. For example: if a customer is buying a dress, the store attendant will recommend buying matching earrings to go along with it.

Upsell and Cross-sell with AI-Powered CRM

The Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an all-in-one system for SMEs to generate more customer visits to their outlets while increasing revenue. Features such as membership enrollments and customised membership programs are now made easy with automatic marketing and real-time data analytics – no cards required. So you can save time focusing on the more important parts of your business.

over 500 retail merchants

Over 500 retail merchants have been engaged with their customers with the help of CRM technology. These merchants were not only able to generate more customer visits to their outlets while increasing revenue, but also benefited from an increase in customer loyalty through the gathering of invaluable data. One client, Better Vision, managed to get an incredible 10,000+ customers in just 5 months using Cloud CRM technology. To learn more about the importance of customer loyalty, read our blog on 5 Effective Ways to Retain Customers Who Are Leaving.

An AI-Powered CRM helps SMEs upsell and cross-sell by effectively analysing customer consumption behaviour. Data is gathered via websites, social media, mobile apps, payment gateways and more to create a unified customer profile. Whether from a single customer or a group of customers interacting with individual outlets or a brand – it tracks this data then determines the right products and offers to recommend to the right customers at the right time. Product recommendations are also created by seamlessly segmenting customer profiles, managing multiple sales channel leads, then creating personalised and targeted content – whether that is an upgraded product option or product(s) to buy together with the customer’s original item.

In turn, more profit is generated from your current customers while increasing customer loyalty. Improving customer loyalty and helping you close the gap between your digital and physical sales channels – following customers at every step of their journey.

Upsell and Cross-sell with AI-Powered CRM

Merchants can now understand their customer’s buying behaviour inside and out, engage their customers more effectively than ever before, and drive sales 24/7 – no staff required.

By introducing the first-of-its-kind solution, SMEs are now empowered to personalise and automate their customer engagement. Access to cutting-edge technology also helps grow SMEs through digitisation and to scale across Southeast Asia. The intelligent customer experience solution decreases the cost of customer onboarding while increasing customer value for SMEs using our service.

Upsell and Cross-sell with AI-Powered CRM

Results written in stone: GameXtreme, a Singapore-based business that specialises in gaming and gadget trade-ins, was turned successful after getting 10,000+ customers just in the first year by using a customised AI solution to automate their marketing campaign.

Advocado also integrates brilliantly with e-commerce platform, Shopify. To read more about our features, click here. Powered by a world-class AI CRM, the solution to more productive upselling and cross-selling has arrived. Schedule a no-commitment call with us now!

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