We have great news for you SME retailers! 

Your business pain point – Always wanted to have a fuss-free payment solution that allows you to take your mind off complicated payment processes and get recurring payouts effortlessly?

Offers with Stripe Integration

Your customer pain point – Always wanted a way for customers to make quick and easy payment with each offer checkout, anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of heading down to your stores?

Advocado has heard you! Offers with Stripe Payment Integration is the seamless value-add service for your business to be rewarded with timely payouts and your customers to enjoy payment for your services anytime and anywhere.

Sounds AWESOME? – Merchants who onboarded Offers with Stripe Integration regretted not doing more Offer campaigns during Mega Sale Season, as their additional sales channel.

Further spice up your FB Live, Website or Social Media Engagement by using QR Code Paid Offers and allow your customers to check out offers instantly, while you get a 100% visible sales dashboard for each unique offer.

We respect that you want to enjoy the flexibility of payment methods, while trusting that each payment touch point is safe. When your customer purchases Offer(s) with his/her credit card, you can be assured with an ease of mind as Stripe is a validated PCI Service Provider.

We bet you must be feeling all excited and so, we curated this question and answer post just for you.

Offers with Stripe Integration

How do I benefit if I set up Offers with Stripe

The beauty of setting up your Offers with Stripe is that you get to enjoy discounts with our multi-tiered Offer value. The higher the Offer value you set, the more you save for Stripe fees.

You may refer to the Stripe Fee savings table to maximise your savings.

stripe charges breakdown

We recognise that there are various considerations and preferences for our Merchants and there’s no one-size-fit all solution. Get into a no-obligation discussion of how you can maximise the benefits of setting up Offers with Stripe.

How do I benefit if I set up Offers with Stripe

Please find a simple step-by-step process of getting onboarded with Offers with Stripe:

Step 1: Merchants enter their contact details for login & contact purposes 

paid by advocado pte ltd

Step 2: Merchants will have to enter details with regards to their business/company for Stripe

Offers with Stripe Integration

Step 3: Merchants will have to provide contact details of their organization representative

Offers with Stripe Integration

Step 4: Merchants will have to enter their bank details for the payout from Stripe

Offers with Stripe Integration

Step 5: Review the details and submit. 

Offers with Stripe Integration

You’re all set up to create paid offers!

How soon can I get my Offer payout with Stripe?

A payout is a simple journey! It starts from the buyer (customer) who purchased the offer to transferring that payout to Merchants’ specified bank account.

Payouts to your bank accounts are fast and predictable. They happen on every 7 days, up to 4 times per month. For example, if you withdraw on 6th September, the next time you can withdraw is 13th September.

We also want to minimise your pain of waiting on your first payout to just be one-off. There is a 7-day waiting period from time of first charge to the first payout.

How do I get onboarded on Stripe, create my first offer and understand the payout flow?

Our team is dedicated to ensure your success in creating your first offer and receiving your payouts. A clear video on the end-to-end process from onboarding, offer creation to pay out is on the way, bear with us meantime!

Still unsure how to take advantage of Offers with Stripe Integration?

Don’t wait for any Mega Sale and miss tremendous opportunities! Maximise engagements and sales opportunities on your FB Live, website, social media engagements and more. Schedule a walk through with us on Offers with Stripe Integration by filling up the form below.

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