No More Manual work

With Advocado’s CRM app integrated into your favourite business tools, you no longer have to do manual data entry work. Issuing loyalty points in Malaysia and setting up a trackable customer loyalty program can be done automatically & effortlessly.

Reclaim your time and do things that actually move the needle for your business.


Point of Sales (POS)

Advocado Cloud CRM works seamlessly with your favourite POS systems. We are a Shopify Cloud CRM amongst others, which means that any sales data generated is instantly captured on Advocado’s platform.

No more administrative, repetitive tasks. You only have to focus on making
the sale!

See How Others Did It

Watch the video to find out how Pasta Brava and Sofi Cafe transformed their service experience with a seamless and omnichannel POS-CRM fit.


Upgrade your onlines tore to be CRM-integrated. See just how powerful your online store can be by integrating it with our loyalty program software for business!

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