Create the right Offer, For the right people

You have a brilliant membership loyalty program on hand. But to close that sale, you need to get it out to the right customers. It is a breeze to do that using Customer Segments and Advocade (Marketing Automation).

You can narrow down your customers based on what they like, their gender, their age, membership tier, the last outlet the visited, etc.

Resolve Any Pain Point

Reduce hassle and wasted resources (time, money, manpower, etc.) with targeted marketing. Our CRM app enables you to select qualification filters to pinpoint the customers you want to target at any given time or place.

Case Study A

Celeste runs a Facial Salon, with 3 outlets. Outlet B and C has high sales while Outlet A has low sales.

With Customer Segmentation, Celeste can:

Case Study B

Jane owns a hair salon and wants to promote a new expensive anti-ageing treatment package.

With Customer Segmentation, Jane can:

Case Study C

Charles owns a candy store. He wants to re-engage customers and build strong customer loyalty.

With Customer Segmentation, Charles can:

Delight The Right Customers

No more wasting your efforts to create offers that don’t work. Get started with segmenting, filtering and tinkering your promos to the exact customers who needs your service.

More Revenue

Customer Segmentation allows you to target a specific group of customers. Even though this is a smaller group of people, but you’re now sending your offer to the customers who are most likely to respond.

Cost Savings

Sending promotions to the wrong customers actually costs you money.

  • Unhappy customers who receive irrelevant ads.
  • Extra money spent on sending ads to customers who are not your target group.

Target The Right Customer

You want the right people to see the right promotion. It’s just better for business, more efficient and offers your customer a better service experience.

Our Happy Brands

Take an inside look at our partnership with Happy Brands in exceeding their Customer Engagement, Marketing and Sales goals.

restaurant crm

Saute San

Using marketing automation, Saute San leveraged on tech to get their customers coming back.


See how iROO generated 43% returning customers on a regular basis.

Bose-One Future World

Amazing omnichannel customer engagement across 5 outlets and online? See how One Future World did it with Advocado.

99 Percent Hair Studio

A spike in revenue and customer enrolment despite the pandemic, come check out their incredible story.

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