Data Security

  • We are committed to keep everyone’s data secure.
  • We work with reputable web hosting services, with data centers secured with 24-hour surveillance and onsite staff.
  • We constantly build our cybersecurity capabilities to give our merchants greater assurance in our products and solutions.
  • We understand that data encryption is absolutely critical to protecting your data that you do not want anyone to have access to.
  • Your data is encrypted on our servers at rest and during back ups.
  • All your communication with the system goes through industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS), to avoid external snooping.
  • We do our best to ensure your data is backed up to the highest relevance.
  • We protect your data with scalable storage infrastructure which helps in daily data storage backups.
  • We want to minimise your discomfort in data loss, in events that cannot be predicted easily.
  • Your data can be recovered at any point of time. Our services will keep running with the highest level of business continuity.

New Features

  • We are constantly enhancing our features & overall performance, so that it puts smiles on both your teams’ & customers’ faces.
  • When we roll out our enhancements, we ensure your service continues to operate at maximum uptime, ensuring seamless customers’ experience.

Payment Security

  • We respect that you want to enjoy the flexibility of payment methods, while trusting that each payment touch point is safe.
  • Your payment for Advocado’s services would go through our secure payment processing partner, a validated PCI provider. We do not store any of your card information or sensitive payment data on our servers.

User Access Management

  • We understand that effective team collaboration starts from user management.
  • You decide how much access your employees have, by setting their access levels. There are 3 access levels:
    1. Admins can see and manage all campaign settings and add new users.
    2. Managers can manage all campaign settings but cannot add new users.
    3. Cashiers (Executives) can only view campaign settings, but cannot make any changes.

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