Do you have your brick-and-mortar store? If “yes”, you must know that time is precious! Every minute is crucial. So in this article, you learn how Marketing automation as a tool can boost up customer engagement. You can understand how Automating your marketing processes can easily help you earn customer loyalty and sense of belongingness towards your brand. It allows you to ace personalized messaging, centralize your marketing operation and increase your ROI by reducing the time required and labor costs.

For store owners, who do not have spare time to put some extra effort into marketing, going for marketing automation and technology can eliminate the work pressure. Check out the benefits of  Marketing automation in details:

1. Customer Loyalty

digitalization Marketing Automation Benefits Your Business

Do you know what is valuable for customers? When you build connections with them. Yes, every business including yours can build strong connections with your customers. A comprehensive loyalty program will help you reward your customers, and also build a strong database of your customers. You can then send offers, reminders & notifications to your customers.

Example, if you are a fashion retail store, you can send them styling suggestions, and also invite them to view your latest collection. Helping your people will turn them into loyal ones.

Know all about Consumer Loyalty programs here.

2. Sense of Belonging

Marketing Automation Benefits Your Business

The customer loyalty brings us to our second benefit, which is sense of belongingness. If your brand rewards the customers’ loyalty and regularly connects with them, your customers will feel belonged. People love to connect and feel as if they are an important part of your group. It’s a great way to build an emotional bond with your customers.

Example: in the case of bookstores there is a great chance to use the amazing marketing automation as a tool. What can a bookstore owner do? Track purchase of the customers, tag contacts based on their shopped books. And can give them online forms to boost a group dynamic, create events, and much more. You can invite them for book clubs and meet-ups. As a result, they see the value in being associated with you, and for sure will make the purchase again. They will be excited to hunt for their future read.

3. Save Time and Reduce Manual Labor

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ingapore is a country with expensive labor. For most SMEs, it doesn’t make sense to hire employees for collecting customer’s data and manually sending them offers and notifications. Its not only very time consuming, but is also prone to human errors.

A marketing automation tool is will help you organise your data and schedule communications with your customers. You can also segment your customers into groups and send them the most relevant information.

Example: A beauty salon wants to promote their new & expensive anti-aging treatment for women. With a right tool, they can select all the women who falls in the age group 30-45 years and have spent atleast $1,000 in last 6 months on anti-aging treatments. With such smart targeting, the beauty salon with have a very high chance to get high turnout from the campaign.

Check out Advocado’s smart Loyalty-CRM for more information on Marketing Automation and Customer segmentation.

4. Message Personalisation

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Good marketing automation tools will let you to personalize the communication with your customers. You can start communication with customers’ names, send personalized product information, a recommendation to your customers based on their last purchase.

According to the investigation, 56 % of the customers love to connect with the brand that knows them by their name. The rest of the customers want a business to know them by their last purchase. So personalization can be a great marketing strategy.

5. Centralizing your Marketing Operations

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We have closely dealt with more than 1,000 businesses in Singapore over the past 5 years. Most business owners have amazing promotion strategies in their mind, however, they struggle with the execution. Most of them display promotions outside their stores or on their social media. This is a very restrictive way of doing promotions, as most of your target audience might not get to see the promotion at all. It’s not only a hassle for businesses to manually collect customer database, send them birthday wishes, reminders and offers but also keep a track of the responses received by customers.

A marketing automation tool helps you manage your customers’ data and keeps track of all the campaigns. It allows you to systematically track and retarget all interested customers. The best tools centralize all the marketing activities under one dashboard so that you can see the performance of our business at one glance. All this happens at the click of a button. This tool will be a very affordable, yet effective marketing manager who functions on its own, so that the business owner can concentrate on growing their business.

Final Words

Are you ready to transform your business? If “yes”, Marketing automation is the way to go.

They say, its easier said than done. But with emerging technologies, it’s really easy for the businesses to fully automate their marketing and engagement activities. Don’t wait, because as you think, most other businesses are already implementing.

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