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Lightning Fast Enrolment

Enrol your customers across Malaysia into your membership program in 15 seconds. All you need is their phone number. No cards. No apps.

Instant Cash Flow

ChaChing! See instant increase in cash flow when our customers buy prepaid items & store credits.

Automatic Re-Engagement

Set it once & let our helpful Advocade (Automation Bot) bring your customers back again and again for you. Targeted marketing to help you refine your audience targeting.

Smarter Decision

With critical customer intel at your fingertips, making decisions is not longer a guessing game for you!

How Advocado Works?

Step 1

Customer enter his/her mobile number and is instantly enrolled.

Step 2

Add the prepaid items/store credits that your customer bought.

Step 3

Cash flow is generated on the spot, and now your customer will come back again and again! Amazing!

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Why Advocado?

Because we produce results! More Revenue? We’re not kidding.
More Regulars. They really do come back

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Saute San

Saute San formulated customer retention strategies based on Advocado’s tech to get their customers coming back.


See how iROO generated 43% returning customers on a regular basis with Advocado’s CRM app to engage their members across Singapore.

Bose-One Future World

Amazing omnichannel customer engagement strategies across 5 outlets and online? See how One Future World did it with Advocado

99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent saw an increase in customer retention in despite the pandemic in Singapore. Discover how they achieved it!

Trusted by 800+ Happy Merchants

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But don’t take our word for it, Hear it from our awesome merchants!

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Less work, less headache – who doesn’t want that? Psst, did you know that Advocado is a Shopify Cloud CRM compatible software, which means with Advocado, you can integrate your customer loyalty programs in Singapore into your favourite business platforms!

No more manual work. Finally!


Our Friendly World-Class
Support Team

Whether it is creating a customer loyalty program that matches Malaysian palates or improving your retention marketing game, our experts from Advocado are here to help!


We offer superb reliable support for all our merchants to assure them that we are with them every step of the way.

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